Intent and Action

BLOG / Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Our family purged our entire home yesterday and kept what we use daily, weekly and monthly. What didn’t sell we gave away for free with no conditions. Like I say to my students; set a clear concise intent and the universe conspires to comply and in our case very quickly. Thank you people for clearing space our home, minds and soul, invaluable. Everything we own takes up space somewhere, be it in our minds, body or soul and space and time are one of the greatest commodities, next to compassion. Time and space are more important than things ever will be, it’s life that matters and love.

Systematic purging opens a soul to growth and to the release of blocks that the items held in place.

When you give anything away, being sure you’re ready to release it is important, otherwise the gift becomes an energetic take. Let me explain. When we hold onto things, we energetically stay attached to them and the recipient’s energy is pulled to you from the object as is your energy drawn away from yourself. You need to be sure you are truly ready to let go 100% to the point you forget completely about it after you have given it away and voila you now have energetic space where the object once took up space in your life and the object is a true gift to someone else to enjoy.