Psychic reading

Psychic reading is the foundation of all readings

Includes the options necessary to make wise choices and take action with the information gathered. Understanding yourself is essential and the base on which all else is built during each session.

By choosing one primary topic you receive the most depth and information. More than one topic the reading can get disjointed and lose focus otr be superficial. 60 minute reading you can possibly add more topics.

Choose one of these areas

Love & relationship. Career & business. School & education. Travel & relocation. Anything on this side of the fence (see what’s included in each booking time choice on scheduling page). Medium is on the other side see that page for details as well as Medical and Animal.

An appointment goes into past and future incarnations, as well as your current soul life in this body and the next. A psychic time traveler is her normal. Bilocating in the physical, etheric, celestial, astral, and spiritual realms. Your soul acts as the lens and barometer. Multiverse travel is a standard for seeing, feeling, and experiencing possible future scenarios or past events. or past events. Focus on how that past incarnation affects you now, and if they’re any areas that need resolution or tools for change. Doing so in this way the information received will assist in your growth and evolution in this lifetime and prepares You for future incarnations.

This is a personal session for one person with no additional people in the the space with you or pets.


Mental Telepathy – Thoughts

A branch of clairsentience. Alison excels in this ability. It’s the transfer of information through thoughts and feelings between individuals. Reading client’s thoughts and mental contents.

Clairsentient – Feeling

Profoundly empathetic. Knows and feels the thoughts and emotions and full-body sensations in the past, present, and future. Etheric

Clairvoyant – Seeing

Gathering of the information that is previously unknown, most commonly the perception of events that have occurred in the past, or which may occur in the future or presently.

Claircognizant – Knowing

Knowing without knowing how. Information outside the realm of normal consciousness, think superconscious.

Clairgustance – Tasting

Taste without physical substance tastes ethereal.

Clairalience – Smelling

Accessing scent knowledge in non-ordinary ways and through the etheric realms.

Clairaudient – Hearing

Hearing in a non-ordinary manner, is the actual perception of sounds such as voices, tones, or noises that are not apparent to others or to recording equipment.

Clairtangency – Touching

A.K.A. Psychometry; to sense information by touch. Usually, this is applied to an inanimate object, such as a piece of jewelry, clothing, or even a motor vehicle. Alison does not need to touch as she bio-locates and works etherically. Going to the object or thru client to the object in their possession. No lost or found service was provided.