A reading is a chapter in the story of your soul

A professional session with Alison is an alternative way of receiving information outside of the normal channels of communication based on years of experience and well-honed skills. Think spiritual journalism with a twist. A reading provides guidance to make wise choices regarding one’s life and direction. It works regardless of beliefs or faith and fits within your personal cosmology and functions as the lens through which information filters.

There are four main types of readings to choose from; Psychic, Medium, Medical or Animal. You can expect guidance with options to help you make wise choices regarding your life focused on one topic per appointment if booking a 60 minute reading you may add another topic as well.. *Multiples. A reading exists outside of the normal faculties of reason and logic and comes from non-ordinary sources in a myriad of ways that are unique to you and Alison’s applied skills and abilities as your Intuitive professional.

Understand not everything is as literal as one would believe it to be. You can’t force intuition to behave in a prescribed manner as it works outside of time and place (non-linear). Doing so only confuses the delivery of the reading and muddy the waters so to speak by applying techniques better suited to the mind *therapy. It has a natural flow to it with a beginning, middle, and end. Alison manages this flow working right alongside your soul and spirits. Ever striving to keep the reading on point in a timely manner by utilizing her ®question direct methodology to remain focused on the original primary issue and original questions.

She’ll address as many questions involving the primary issue with the original questions and focus that are realistically attainable within the time purchased, *Spirits are always part of the equation and have their agenda too, and require time for conversation and to convey feelings and thoughts as well as yours. A cohesive team effort.

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.” Mick Jagger

It’s all about the timing

Is unknowable and in flux, due to the free will of all involved, no guarantees can be made in all honesty. She can certainly look into age progression or validation of different locations, energy patterns, and markers, regarding ideas or windows of time. The Spirit world is outside of linear time. No one has control over how timing plays out in the physical world; it’s truly unknowable, as there are far too many variables and the free will of all involved also, how proactive you are with the information garnered at the appointment.

*Markers and validations happen organically. Spirit uniquely provides in ways not always easily understood and never on-demand, as in the case of requesting *signs. They too have free will and due respect. It’s important to remain open to the process of gathering information from non-ordinary resources. Alison will walk you through what she gets from them.

* Multiples – One issue (focused area) per reading. When there’s more than one issue or multiple add-on questions it doesn’t allow for depth and bounces around too much, like reading more than one book simultaneously on different topics, very stressful as well.

*Overtime – Pay attention to the time and if you do NOT want overtime say so. No “free” minutes or auditions. Appointment begins with Alison connecting to your mind, soul and body. At ending of reading allow her a couple minutes to release the connections she made at the beginning of the reading. You’re responsible for overtime when reading runs over. 15-minutes $100

*Therapy – See Terms page (disclaimer)

*Spirits – Guides, nature, helpers, relations, pets, etc.


These are professional appointments not that of simple amusement. Intuitive information is not an exact science. Keep your expectations within reason and use common sense.