Terms of service and conditions

By booking you understand, agree, and accept all terms and conditions and are bound by them. Policies do not change for personal circumstances they remain equitable for all. Sales are final, non-transferable, and non-refundable. You own the time scheduled. Force majeure- appointment will be moved to the next available appointment time.  Readings are performed over the phone, unless when booking an event in-person reading.

Two rates are offered for phone readings

Regular and low income, choose accordingly. Rates are subject to change. No doubling or back to back discounts. One discount per lifetime per person. Remuneration

Cancelation or reschedule

Are not an option, once purchased you own it. Force majeure- appointment will be moved to the next available appointment time.

No show

The appointment begins exactly at the reserved time. As a courtesy, the appointment is held for up to ten minutes for 60 or 30 minutes. When offered: 15-minutes held 2 minutes past scheduled time. When the allotted time has passed the reservation including payment is forfeited.


Timer goes off and appointment is finished. No “free” minutes or auditions. Remuneration

Client calls in for appointment

It’s your responsibility to call in at the exact time of appointment in central time to the number provided in the email following confirmation, also located by clicking “Call In number” tab. Disregard anything that says Alison will call you, she will not. Unlisted numbers or blocked number are not accepted. Lost time is forfeited as is any payment for that time.


Use an active and correctly keyed-in email during booking that is where all correspondence lands. Alison James or associates are not held responsible for incorrectly keyed in or inactive email and subsequent missed correspondence or missed appointments.

No speakerphone or car phone

When in use the appointment stops as well as the time until in compliance. Earbuds should be ok. Alison James isn’t responsible for poor sound quality, connectivity, or reception issues during an appointment, or lost time or credit for said time, it’s forfeited. It pulls Alison out of trance when used, over and over again and it’s exhausting for her and affects the reading negatively and she wants the best for you.

Intellectual property

Any information provided by Alison James by any means is considered private and confidential; including appointment shorthand and notes, and if used publicly or produced for money that information garnered from © Alison James is considered plagiarism and will be subject to legal action. This serves as notice.

No recording

Readings are confidential. The device or on-looker functions as a virtual third-party, or eavesdropping on what is a private exchange held in confidentiality that presumably doesn’t go beyond the appointment. Privacy and boundaries are important and respected. No recording at any time as Alison is subject to copyright and information offered is considered the intellectual property of Alison James which includes her personal shorthand and notes.

No guarantees

Alison cannot guarantee outcome as there’s many factors involved and the actions taken as well as free will of all. The information provided is not hers. Its provided by your guides and your higher self. They are the providers of information and she is the messenger. Think Spiritual Journalist.

General disclaimer

These are professional appointments. Intuitive information is not an exact science, do keep your expectations within reason and use common sense. They’re not meant to be used as substitute for advice from your other healthcare professionals and their diagnoses and guidance. You alone are responsible for your actions and results.

Mediumship disclaimer

No promises or guarantees are made for spirit communication or that you will receive a message or that the one you hope to present can or will as free will is always part of the equation. Children are prohibited from attending, adult-only Galleries.

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