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Terms and conditions

Click link above ↑ All sales are final, non transferable, non-refundable and no reschedules. You’ve purchased that time slot and now own it. By the act of booking you understand, agree and accept all terms and conditions and are bound by them, sorry no exceptions.

Emergency on-call phone reading

When you don’t see the opening you need, we can fix that! Let us negotiate a special time just for you. Use contact form below; including the date, time, and length of appointment you are requesting. Appointment is manually scheduled by Alison soon as the time is agreed upon, payment will immediately be required to complete the reservation. Fee is regular rate plus 25%.

Overtime fee

As a professional business there’s a fee for service. No “free” minutes or auditions.

Book what you need. Appointments factor in 3-5 minutes prior to the end of appointment for release of the connections that were initiated in the beginning of the reading. Timer goes off signalling the completion of the reading initiating replacement of your personal boundries before scheduled end time. Overtime begins immediately and you will be charged. 15 minute block. Fee $100

Frequently asked questions

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Click link above ↑ A reading is an alternative way of receiving information outside of the normal channels of communication based on years of experience with thousands of clients the world over.

How’s a reading work?

Click link above ↑ As a question direct© provider it is important for you to be prepared with an area of interest along with your questions in order of importance. Alison will help you fine tune them for best possible outcome. No need to send questions in advance as they’ll be verbally presented at the time of the reading in real time.

Phone readings

Phone reading is 100% as effective as face-to-face, all from the comfort of your location.

Book what you need as each time slot contains different service options.

Appointments are provided remotely over the phone in central time (Minnesota). They book out 24 hours in advance- If you see a same day opening available, it’s your lucky day, book it quick before it falls off the scheduler. Appointments are completed securely online by you anytime.

Phone appointment information

Click link above ↑ Unlisted appointment number will be provided when reservation has been made via email confirmation. You will call in at the exact time of appointment in central time (Minnesota). Time zone converter Be ready, see terms of service for no show information. Book what you needs, when reading runs over overtime will be charged.

60 minute phone reading

PsychicPet – Rainbow bridge (otherside). Mediumship (otherside). Fee $350

30 minute phone reading

Psychic or Pet – Rainbow bridge. (No Mediumship). Fee $175

15 minute phone sample

Psychic only. (No Pet – Rainbow Bridge or Mediumship). Fee $85 

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