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Welcome! Please take the time to read the website prior to booking. If you do not agree you’re absolutely under no obligation to book. Appointments are prepaid and completed securely online thru a credit card processor. Thank you for your consideration. 

Emergency reading

Don’t see the opening you need, we can fix that! Let’s negotiate a special time just for you. include the date, time, and length of appointment you are requesting on the contact form. The appointment is then manually scheduled by Alison soon as the time is agreed upon, and the payment is required immediately to complete the reservation. Fee is at regular rate plus 25%.

Overtime fee

Fee for service. No “free” minutes or auditions. Book what you need. Appointments factor in 3-5 minutes prior to the end of the appointment allowing the release of the connections that were initiated at the beginning of the reading. The timer goes off reading is completed, initiating the replacement of your personal boundaries before the scheduled end time. Overtime begins immediately thereafter. 15-minute block. Fee $100

Public reading

Click the public event reading tab for details. May 14th 10-5. see sidebar for details. No Mediumship or Rainbow bridge at public events. Use the Enchanted Expo booking links when scheduling.

Phone reading

Appointments are provided on the phone in central time (Minnesota) and generally book out 1 day in advance. 100% as effective as face-to-face and each time slot contains different service options, all from the comforts of your location and no driving!

Call-in reading info

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The client calls in at the exact time of the appointment in central time (Minnesota). Time zone converter Alison doesn’t call the client, disregard anything that states otherwise.

60-minute phone reading

PsychicPet – Rainbow bridge (Otherside). Mediumship (Otherside). The regular fee is $350

30-minute phone reading

Includes: Psychic or Pet or Rainbow bridge (No Mediumship). The regular fee is $175

15-minute phone reading

Includes psychic only. (No Pet – Rainbow Bridge or Mediumship). The regular fee is $85

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