Thanks for dropping by, please read the entire website prior to booking anything to be prepared to make the most of your consultation. If you do not agree you’re absolutely under no obligation to book. Readings are booked and prepaid securely online anytime.

Terms of service

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Event reading

See the sidebar for the details. Reservations are recommended. Confirmation says it’s a phone reading, it’s in person.

No phone readings on event days

Appointments are provided over the phone and are 100% effective as face-to-face. The office is closed and if you see anything stating otherwise, disregard it.


Fee for service. No “free” minutes or auditions. Consultation begins with Alison connecting to your mind, soul and body. The appointment is ended when the timer goes off and no further information will be provided, thus allowing her to fully release the connections that were made at the start of the reading returning your boundaries. It’s an integral part and is required. Respect the process. After end time overtime begins. 15-minutes $100

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60 minutes – Psychic. Pets – Rainbow bridge. Mediumship $350

30 minutes – Psychic. Pet – Rainbow bridge No Mediumship $175

On-call reading

Don’t see the opening you need, let us fix that. We negotiate a special time just for you. Include the date, time, and length you’re requesting. Soon as the time is agreed upon an opening will be made for you and payment is required immediately to complete the reservation. Rate is time and 1/2.