Call-in number


Call in central time. (Minnesota). Time zone converter Call answered at the exact time of appointment. One person per call. Find a quiet private area where there’ll be no disturbances or others in the room, including pets. Terms and conditions. Have a strong signal. Unblock your number as blocked numbers aren’t accepted.

Speakerphone or car phone is strictly prohibited

When in use the appointment stops until in compliance. Lost time is forfeited.

Recording© is strictly prohibited

Readings are confidential. Device or on-looker function as a virtual third-party, or eavesdropping on what is a private exchange held in confidentiality that presumably doesn’t go beyond the appointment. Privacy and boundaries are important and respected. No recording© at any time as Alison is subject to copyright and information offered is considered the intellectual property of Alison James which includes her personal shorthand and notes.

Overtime  or check-in

Fee for service. No “free” minutes or auditions. Reading begins with Alison linking to mind, body, and soul. The timer goes off signaling the end of the reading. Replacement of personal boundaries begins BEFORE the scheduled end time. After that overtime is charged. Overtime or Psychic or, a Pet. (No Mediumship or Rainbow Bridge). 15-minutes $100

Sound quality

Alison James is not responsible for poor sound quality or connectivity, reception issues during an appointment, or lost time or credit for said time.