Boomerang year 2017

BLOG / Sunday, January 1st, 2017

This year will be a year of the past making a come around. The boomerang effect© coming back as a way of completion and closure sealing the hoop and as it goes back out it bring more back until the cycles have ended.

Worry not as it’s a time of final releases and forward motion with action of determined goals. Take the time to focus on the growth that will be exponential in this year.

A year of choosing your destiny without the anxiety of stuck emotions and subsequent mental pain. The freedom to be you!

With all choices, you must do the work of deciding and claiming what choices you will focus on and bring into manifestation after each release, the boomerang effect© will then be good choices returning again and again and building with the space to fly free to return anew.

Write down or speak what is happening and what your goals are to bring into this physical world and out of the mind place.

Think of 2017 of being a growth year focused on the personal. As we change, the ripple flows outward and inward creating energy frequency in motion. Be aware of subtle and not so subtle shifts and know, as one shift happens the next is already in motion. Embrace the clear clean energy. Decide to go for pure light.

When the past returns it’s not a bad thing but an experience to ponder and let go of the not so positive and reach for that which will serve you going forward into your life focused on growth of soul with unconstricted pain-free movement of mind, body and soul.

You may discover physical objects hold no meaning for you anymore- let them go and replace that space they held with space. Open the world within and without constriction of mind body and soul- Breathe in the good and do not play in the field of fear, you have more power and control than you could ever imagine.

One can’t know how 2017 with manifest but know what you want and will no longer accept as your reality. Darkness can’t hide in the light.


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