When’s a good time for a psychic reading?

you’ve ruled out issues with other professionals outside the Intuitive industry and methods or arrived at a dead-end, or things keep repeating and following unwanted patterns, then an appointment with Alison would be good to get more insight and clarity regarding the issues. Click the Animal and Medium tab for details on those specialties.

Infidelity or 2nd or 3rd party questions

Readings are confidential. You can look at the relationship/s and action steps to take for yourself or possible blocks. Alison can certainly read a previous event and pick up residuals and thought-forms with no risk and does so often apply new queries to the aforementioned events.

In regards to 2nd or 3rd party, questions have them book their own personal appointment. Garnering information for another is equivalent to psychic breaking and entering; moreover, it’s unethical for Alison to spy on someone else’s private life and something she will not do. It also puts her and you in danger of repercussions. Hire a Private Personal Investigator.

Games of chance, stocks, and bonds, lottery numbers, hidden items, wills, legal papers, monies, or what the deceased or what others want and need aren’t addressed. Due to ethical, safety, and legal concerns; consult a Lawyer, Broker, or Bookie.

Lost and found service

Not a provided service; lost things, people, or pets- deceased or alive. Etc.

Do you offer email, Facetime or Zoom readings?

No. All appointments are provided over the phone or in-person at events (see sidebar for current events). *ASC see below ↓

Fee for service

No “free” minutes or auditions. Remuneration Consultation begins with Alison connecting to your mind, soul and body. The appointment is ended when the timer goes off and no further information will be provided, thus allowing her to fully release the connections that were made at the start of the reading returning your boundaries and to prepare for her client. It’s an integral part and is required. Respect the process. After end time overtime begins. 15-minutes $100

Recording© is prohibited

The device or additional person with you functions as a virtual third-party, or eavesdropping on what is a private exchange held in confidentiality that presumably doesn’t go beyond the appointment. Privacy and boundaries are important and respected. No recording at any time as Alison is subject to copyright and information offered is considered the intellectual property of Alison James which includes her personal shorthand and notes.

Do you provide general readings?

A general reading gives you general answers and leaves it up to the professional to control what it is they think you want to know- equivalent to going to the doctor and not giving them any reason why you are there in the first place. You’re in control of the focus. Alison does not go in cold. Be prepared. You’re hiring a professional with Alison James and nothing about her style is general, she goes for the details and arranges the reading for your best outcome based on time scheduled and focus of the reading. Expect a collaborative effort for a unified outcome. How an appointment works

Minors and vulnerable adults

Appointments are for adults. With that said; if the child is yours, you’ll be a proxy for the minor- minors don’t attend. Vulnerable adults; adult children are a proxy for the parent or other relation.

Intellectual property©

Any information provided by Alison James by any means is considered private and confidential; including appointment notes, and if used publicly or produced for money that information garnered from Alison James© is considered plagiarism and will be subject to legal action. This serves as notice.

Can you guarantee a spirit connection?

There are times, you may hear from an unexpected soul before you are able to connect with the one you hope to hear from which often includes pets. It is imperative to validate these souls and their information to move on in the appointment and connect with the one you want to communicate with. Alison can not, nor can any Medium, make any type of guarantee about who will come to communicate or what type of evidence they will give to identify themselves, or what signs they will provide if any. You must come into the session with an open mind and heart, knowing that the souls who wish to communicate with you are there for an important reason and respect is key. The same as when you call someone, they may answer or not. Free will always apply.

Spirit Guides

Alison works with the good guys and doesn’t specifically go in search of what they look like or what their names are on-demand, if they provide free-will information- she’ll provide it. – It’s better to ask how might I prepare myself for them and learn them.


Good or confused discarnate, or loved ones in transition seeking closure- no problem. Appointments are one-on-one and focused on the client. Angels come of their own free will and are not summoned. Nasty discarnate (spirits) or hauntings hire a Paranormal team. More about Exorcism.

Spells, hexes, or charms

No, no, and never ever.

Exit point

Longevity? The time of death is unknowable. Alison can provide guidance on what paths to follow for living the good life and what ** markers she sees for the future with possible options for healthy life choices for self, own children, and pets.

Soulmate and Twin Flames

It’s all about growth and love. Good questions to ask are: How can I make myself ready to meet them and how might I know I’m on track to the right relationship with self and them? What do I have to learn and what are the steps and *markers? Soulmates can be any sentient being.

“So ancient is the desire of one another which is implanted in us, reuniting our original nature, seeking to make one of two, and to heal the state of humankind”. Plato, Symposium

Spiritualist Church Mediumship messages and healing offerings

** Markers. Snippets of future events.

*ASC – Altered State of Consciousness – most often you will have no idea Alison is in this state of being as a Trance Medium, and it’s not safe for her to be abruptly pulled out of trance, downright dangerous actually, the same reason she does not offer Zoom or Skype as she cannot control your personal environment guaranteeing her well being. Technology also factors in as well.