Medium reading

Multidimensional session

*60-minutes is required for Mediumship and is provided over the phone.

Alison partners with the universal energies and your energy to anchor to this world, while her soul leaves to access knowledge in the multiverses to meet up with loved ones for *ADC. Moving her persona aside so that there is no transference. Alison is the crystal clear pure conduit in which to place your cosmology and that of your loved ones. Its a personal session for one person with no additional people in your space or pets.

Mediumship is not meant to be a continuous series of conversations, or reconnecting with a past romance with multiple readings, think more in the line of closure and moving forward with your life in the physical realm, not an ongoing relationship. The rationale of Medium reading is to prove the existence of the conscious soul beyond the body, a touchstone as it were moving to healing, closure and forward growth for those on this side and the Otherside with their souls growth.

Complicated Grief

Some individuals must first work to heal their grief on a mental and physical levels prior to scheduling a Medium reading. Symptoms of this type of complicated grief are; trying to keep your loved one alive with too frequent readings, expecting them to predict the outcome of difficult circumstances, or tell you directly what to do with your life- or keep up a continuous conversations through mediumship. Grief must be walked through step by step, or it can become a psychological disorder and needs talk therapy to move through the trauma, which is healthy and recommended.

Complicated bereavement disorder

Why seek a Medium reading?

How long should I wait after a loved one has passed on?

When there’s been a recent loss a loved one, wait until the emotions have remained stable for a period of a minimum of six months or more to process your grief and also loved ones on the other side process theirs. When the loss is recent emotions are raw and it is emotionally charged and exhausting for all. Various emotions that arise in real time move through Alison and she cannot speak through your/loved ones tears and profound pain of loss- time is necessary to allow these feelings to settle that way she can clearly communicate what she is receiving and providing to loved ones. Allowing yourself to grieve and stabilize you’ll be in a calmer place to communicate and receive. The solace it brings is invaluable and can assist with the grief, but at the same time it can be unsettling.

Why first names?

Alison uses the psychic yellow pages and direct dials for the connections. Their first name is the key to unlock the doors from you to them and to expedite the connection. No aliases. Also your relationship status, “Who they are to you”. You know who you want, why waste time, it’s the connections and messages that matters most. If she was to open up to universe it would be a tsunami of souls coming forth!

Signs & validations

A sign may not be what you’re expecting or wanting from them or in the way you imagine it will be “as in an agreement before passing”. Everyone wants validation your loved ones continue to exist in soul/spirit.

It can take profound amount of effort from your loved ones to reach through the veil to this side to create “phenomenon” and may not be their style or within their beliefs. It can be a subtle sign and gentle sign like a soft warm breeze of spirit touch.

Alison offers free-will signs, and markers “future event” if they provide it during the session. It’s not an on demand requirement- keeping in mind that they too are processing their passing and navigating the realms and growing.

Receiving a thought from spirit is equally as great a sign. Expecting “a sign or big signs” isn’t always in the equation during a reading. It doesn’t mean they don’t interact in their own way and timing of showing their love for you, or they may just have another way of offering “signs & messages” that you may not expect.

A sign can also be a memory they provide to you during a reading or a conversation you had on this side with them- these can be the most profound validations of life after death. Our memories go with us to the other side and communication is telepathic in nature and can be physical though Alison at times as far as what she is feeling through her from them.

Best to ask is; how can I be open and receptive with my loved ones to receive their love and messages.

Validations arrive in many ways and can be quite unique or for future validation when you least expect it!

Why do I get asked questions?

You work collaboratively because loved ones coming through may be having a challenge for a myriad of reasons, or the information presented isn’t as clear as it could be or encoded just for you. These are your people and the information is completely new to Alison. Your direction on how you choose to proceed with the information she is being given by your loved ones is helpful to all. It’s all good.

How do I prepare?

It’s helpful to think about those in the afterlife and send thoughts of intent before the appointment. Loved ones in the other realms can sense energy, and doing this helps to raise the vibrations in making a stronger quicker connection possible.

What are good questions to ask?

Any that involve loving correspondence. Those seeking clarity and closure, are ethical and respectful. Loved ones in the afterlife continue their growth and relationship with self and you the enquirer. Their emotions and memories come thru and they have questions, and they may want to be addressed during the session too. Loved ones may also be potentially actively working thru their loss and grief as well and you.

*ADC- After death communication

*60 minutes required over the phone. If you see anywhere where it states less time disregard.