Follow-up reading

Guaranteed there’ll be at least one more question

Firstly take great notes during the original reading. Additional questions inevitably arise after the reading has been processed, and more comes to light; including the subsequent actions taken. Only you decide when it’s time to book another reading, knowing when the time is right. Some clients are like clockwork every six months, others once a year, and some every five years. You can book as little as 15-minute phone reading for a quick check-in anytime.


The reading begins with Alison linking to mind, body, and soul. The timer goes off signaling the end of the reading with the replacement of your personal boundaries before the scheduled end time. After that overtime is automatically charged. 15-minute block. Fee $100

More doesn’t mean better

Too many readings stacked without processing the information first or by booking with several Psychics in a row can end up with crossed wires and a mess of jumbled information, leaving the client in a state of confusion, not better and grief must be walked through.

Pause & reflect

When the same information keeps repeating and cycling in readings, Alison may request the client to take a break from scheduling readings for a while. This allows time to catch up and manifestation to take place. It’s a way of respecting the process, yourself, and spirit.