How does a reading work with Alison?

You can look forward to an enlightening unique experience. Relax and calm your mind before your appointment and keep an open mind. Participate and take action with what you receive for the best outcome. Alison doesn’t provide general or a passive readings – Participation is expected.

Discern the topic you wish to address. 60 minute reading you may choose an additional topic. Next prepare concise questions in order of priority. An hour appointment allows more time and depth when possible with an an additional area of focus. She will cover the primary topic along with as many-of the original questions and answers as time allows including time before the end to release connections made in the beginning. A little preamble of the storyline is welcomed as it places Alison right in the room of the issue so to speak and saves time and tightens the focus exponentially.

Write everything down verbatim including your feelings and thoughts. Recording of any kind is prohibited. The mind is selective and remembers as it chooses and tries to apply its language of logic and reason to an intuitive session can get altered due to this natural phenomenon of selection and tools of the mind. When you try and apply what you think you received at a later time you can lose the very essence. (Like trying to remember a dream later in the day). Intuition has its own timing, tools, and language, take notes during the session.

FYI- Questions regarding a previous appointment with a different professional, contact them. Always start fresh with Alison.

FYI- A psychic stymie is when the information rings so true, your mind is blown and kind of goes numb for a minute, and things you may know very well, you can’t remember. Think micro-shock. No worries, Alison strives to keep the drama to a minimum, so you both can stay on task. Please have a quiet distraction free environment for the reading for the best possible outcome and safety for Alison with her exiting and re-entry to this this side, which she does numerous times during the reading.

The beginning

Connections to your mind, body, emotions, and soul are secured and the clarion call goes out to guides and helpers; both yours and hers. Then, off to building the foundation by designing an outline using your verbally presented issue and questions. Alison jots down in her personal notes and then connects to your physical being as the anchor in the physical realm, you’ll sense nothing. She only goes where you direct by way of your original focus and questions. No need to send your questions in advance of the appointment as they’ll be verbally presented to Alison at the time of the reading in real-time.

The middle

By completing the connectors to your mind, body, and soul she can now access the issue and apply the questions to the spirit world. Reaching into multiple complex bits and streams of information; disseminating them and pulling them together at lightning speed, to present to you as they come thru, and discussing and retrieving more pieces of information. Connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting numerous times and doing the same with loved ones (Medium, Rainbow Bridge, and pets). Alison and spirit control the flow and speed of the reading.

The end

The appointment ends when the timer goes off, allowing a few minutes to fully release all the connections, to your mind, body, and soul that were opened at the start of the reading and to end on time. Boundaries and privacy are always respected.

FYI- The reading is a live feed transmission, and Alison has little or no memory at all of what transpired after it’s over. With that said, at a later appointment she can piggyback from the last appointment with her, and continue where you left off, even years later, and check back on what may or may not have changed.