Chico speaks to the heart of the matter

BLOG / Monday, April 8th, 2013


By Alison James

How one parrot opened the world of intuition to his human

I was at the home of an acquaintance and we began to talk of birds, and Susan shared with me her heartbreak and frustration about her bird Chico, a Blue-fronted Amazon parrot. I asked if I could sit with him for a little while, and Susan brought her beautiful boy over to me.

Susan’s best friend, Barb, arranged my visit with Susan, who was unaware at the time what I did, that I am a professional psychic, medium and animal intuitive. She only knew that I loved animals and that we had a lot we could talk about.

Susan handed Chico to me and I immediately felt an overwhelming ”feeling” of sadness. In my mind I thought, “What’s the matter Chico?” and then spontaneously felt profound grief and physical exhaustion. In my mind’s eye, I saw Chico in a cage with a Scarlet Macaw, which he did not live with now.

Chico’s history
First, a little history on Chico. He had been to the best veterinarians around for consultations for many issues, from plucking to allergies and the list goes on. Susan, a responsible steward, wanted to heal her beloved parrot. Nothing worked. By the time Susan and I were speaking, she had run out of ideas on how to help her feathered friend.

I went back to the picture in my mind. Tears flowed from my eyes, and Susan asked what was wrong. I quickly told her what had just happened between Chico and me. Susan then explained, “Well, yes, his mate died and that’s why I have him.”

I explained to her what I received in my body as I felt Chico’s emotions and what I saw in my mind’s eye. Susan said she could not understand how I “knew” and even went as far as to question her friend Barb later with regard to whether she told me about Chico. Susan, an ER nurse, did not believe in intuition or psychic knowing and never would have reached out to contact an animal intuitive like me. Barb, in her loving way, wanted to give Susan answers for Chico and thought this was the best and only way to make it happen. Turns out she was right.

That makes sense
Susan went back to her veterinarian with this new-found information. The vet responded, “Well, that does makes sense to me,” now understanding why nothing worked to help Chico, despite her best efforts and knowledge.

Much like humans who have lost a spouse, our animal companions suffer the same grief and can lose their will to live, as Chico was so clearly doing. Grief explained the mysterious ailments and subsequent lack of healing of them, no matter the heroic efforts and best veterinarian science that was applied.

The end of this story is a happy one. Chico’s veterinarian created a new treatment plan for grief utilizing flower essences and direct work with me in the capacity of animal intuitive. As a messenger, I shared with Chico how much Susan loved him and cared for him and that Susan would be there for him.

Chico worked through the allergies and the medication now worked. His feathers grew back without plucking and his skin conditions gradually subsided. Emotionally, he was bright and spunky!

Working intuitively
For people like Susan, working intuitively can seem odd at first, but the rewards are great. By learning how you receive information with your intuition, you can develop an even deeper understanding of your animal companions. Remain open to the process of receiving in this manner. Your relationship with your non-human companions will be enriched with this unconventional way of understanding and your intuition will blossom.

Intuition and psychic knowing have been used interchangeably for as long as time itself. It is an additional way to receive information in an unconventional way, outside the confines of logic and reason. By applying intuition to conventional ways of solving problems, it can help find solutions and allow a better understanding of ourselves and our animal companions.

Susan now regularly practices her new-found way of understanding, using her own intuitive understanding alongside her medical background and a good veterinarian.

Always rule out medical issues first with your veterinarian and trainers. Intuition and psychic knowing are not meant as a replacement for medical findings. They are complementary.

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