The Physical Rapture

BLOG / Thursday, December 13th, 2012

By Alison James

We have all heard that on 12 21 2012 the world is going to end. There are those who have been stockpiling physical items to prepare themselves and their families. We are living a material world as our body and our minds say we must protect. We would like to speak about the soul. The changes that are happening are all about our souls.

I asked my Guide group “The Spirit Counsel” about this date and this is the message. They said up until the Winter Solstice the earth and sky have been shifting all along preparing for the vibrational shift. We have seen these changes in small and large ways with the changes the earth has been going through unprecedented happenings along with changes in people, animal’s behaviors.

There are those who have snapped with the higher frequencies that have been moving into the physical realm and not coped well with re-calibration of the physical body. The soul has moved aside in a state of spiritual shock if you will vulnerable place to find oneself in. Like a Zombie unable to summon one’s will and try to escape the body and mind in a matter of ways to cope.

There is no need to fear, welcome and open your soul to your inner light that fills your soul; it’s a new energy coming to you in your highest good. Set your souls intentions, now, so you may grow and be spiritually ready. In essence a spiritual force field emanating from you. Casting out all that does not serve you in the positive sense.

On December 21st there is a flash shift beginning in the Far East making its way to the Far West. As your soul moves this new energy thought-out your minds, bodies and souls you feel an aliveness and brightness, your souls rapture on earth. You are not leaving you are coming home.

All souls on planet earth are coming full on into your physical bodies. Powerful and exhilarating cell renewing moment and this date will be the calculated beginning of soul within body for all who allow it. Bring the pieces together. The veil between the dimensions is thinning so you feel closer to those who have walked from this dimension ongoing. This is the time of miracles. There is no need to fear, welcome and open your soul to bright inner light.

Children have come into this planet attuned and show you by example how to be fluid within your soul. Set and intentions now so you may grow by following this time. You may have felt a great need leading up to this day to cleanse your body, clear negative thoughts from your mind and develop spiritually by making room and clearing. You are moving with the new energy of the Physical Rapture.

We are truly walking in a material world soul-filled. Welcome the New Dawn of your physical soul united.

All rights reserved. Copyright©  Alison James