How Jessie Got His Wings

BLOG / Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

By Alison James

Hi my name is Alison James and I love animals as akin to humans. Animal communication is spirit communication. I have found out in the years of service as a Psychic Medium one thing for sure is that it all begins with the love of animals and building the bond of communication between human and animals and coming to understanding and healing for all involved. My feelings and interpretation of the connections between human and animals was validated 100% through the consultations with a client named Carly and her dog Jessie. Carly come to consult with me several years ago regarding her beloved dog Jessie’s emotional well being, she thought it would only concern her dog. Jessie had shown up at her door one day eleven years earlier full of burrs, cuts and bruises. She and her then partner decided after desperately searching for his owner and failing not to find them they took him in, even though they were “cat people”. They came to adore him none the less and his funny antics that kept them amused by the hour and he was a “cat dog.” When I began the reading I linked first with her soul and saw that her human partner had passed away a year or so earlier and this was foremost in her energy field and mind. When I mentioned this to her, she confirmed that was true although she had come to me about her dog not about her personal loss. Then I merged with Jessie’s soul and felt extreme anxiety within him and when I looked through his eyes I saw him observing his owner day and night unerring. I felt in his body he was physically weak with illness but spiritually and emotionally strong. I was confused as she came in for his emotional well-being.

She and her dog were very bonded and they were inseparable. They were known about town as “The awesome twosome” and everyone associated them as being together, which she took him with her everywhere because he was so emotionally needy she said and she loved him. I probed deeper and communicated with Jessie as to why he was so focused on her at all times so intensely? He showed me in there home in my mind’s eye and brought me to the location where hung a picture of Carly’s partner who had passed away. I shared this with her and she confirmed it to be so. When I probed Jessie as to why he brought me to this picture he then showed me his owner sitting in absolute stillness in a dark room and I felt her as emotionally absent, far away when I checked back in with her soul and heard in her mind she no longer wanted to be here on this side. When I shared this with her she became none the less a bit shocked by me sharing this and confirmed it to be true rather matter of fact which caused me concern. She demanded to know why her Jessie was in distress. She already understood he was physically ill but was concerned with his emotional well-being. I gently asked if she had done any grief work, she reiterated she came to talk about her dog not her. She took a deep breath and fell apart and began to sob and said that her Jessie was the only one keeping her from committing suicide.

Between us all we came to an agreement that she would immediately seek out help. She did seek help and at the next reading she told me that Jessie gained weight and was eating again and no longer watched her constantly and was playing like a little puppy. A couple of months later Carly met a lovely new partner and they all moved in together it was all going perfectly. Jessie had settled in with Carly and her new partner and the next week they found Jessie at his favorite place at the foot of their bed curled up with the look of the sweetest dream ever, they agreed it looked to be he was smiling, life was good and Jessie found he no longer needed to keep up the constant vigil concerned about his owner’s emotional well-being. Jessie did not wake up that morning and they later laid Jessie to rest. Jessie had systemic cancer and lived well past his years even given his illness. At a subsequent reading she asked why he died after seemingly to have improved exponentially and all was good? Jessie came through from the otherside and he showed me in only a way a dog can that he was happy and stated it was his choice to leave his body as it was done as he knew his beloved Carly was happy and that and he had done his job and that is how Carly’s Guardian Angel Jessie got his wings.

The basics- it is soul to soul, energy to energy, mind to mind telepathic communication. This is accomplished by Alison merging with the human soul as the anchor then to animal/s soul. Information comes in human terms or directly from the animal’s perspective or a combination of both. When she accomplishes this bond the language of communication is clear between both and the boundaries are open to sense, feel, see and have a knowingness of what it is our animals wish to communicate to us as ours is to communicate with them. It is always an interesting fact that our beloved pets have free-will as do we. The client comes in for the animal and leaves the session knowing they are inexplicably bonded to one another and what effect one affects the other. As you have just read both are involved in the process of spirit communication-

Alison James is a professional Psychic Medium, Psychic and teacher who has a strong affinity with nature and all the creatures and enjoys working with you and them. Shares her home with her son, parrots, a Cunucu hound, felines and a gecko named Aster blaster. She maintains a full time practice in Minneapolis MN at her office and she offers readings by telephone and in office, Private Galleries, Intuitive Development Courses and workshops.

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