Terms & conditions

By the act of scheduling you understand, agree and accept all terms and conditions and are bound by them, no exclusions and they apply equally to everyone. Sales and bookings are a final non-refundable non-transferable sale, including deposits and event tickets. There are no options for cancellations, reschedules or returns-once purchased you own it. Force majeure of a phone appointment or event will be moved to the next available.

In-person readings face mask is required to be worn.


Use an active and correctly keyed in email during booking that is were all correspondence lands. Alison James or associates are not held responsible for incorrectly keyed in or inactive email addresses and subsequent missed correspondence or missed appointments.


Appointment begins exactly at reserved time. As a courtesy appointment is held up to 10 minutes after that it is now a no show.

No show

After 10 minutes for a 30 or 60 minute appointment has passed Alison is no longer available and appointment is now considered a no show. 15 minutes allotted time is 3 minutes. When allotted time has passed the reservation including payment is forfeited. The future booking must be cleared first with Alison and a 25% penalty along with the current reading price will be due to book new appointment.

Overtime charge

This is a fee for service professional business. There is no “free” or complimentary auditions provided. Appointments factor in 3-5 minutes for release of the connections that were initiated in the beginning of the appointment. Closure with replacement of your boundries begins before appointment time ends as is standard practice. When timer goes off appointment is considered completed. Overtime is charged if appointment goes over. If you do not want overtime- say so before closure. Payment due via credit card. 15 minute block is $100

Intellectual property©

When information offered by Alison James is used to publish or produce for money from any information garnered from Alison James© it is considered her intellectual property and if used, plagiarism and subject to legal action. Contact us if in doubt before production or usage.

Speakerphone© is strictly prohibited

When in use the appointment ends if in use and all payment and remaining time forfeits.

Recording© is strictly prohibited

Appointments are confidential. Device or on-looker function as a virtual third-party, or eavesdropping on what is a private exchange held in confidentiality that presumably doesn’t go beyond the appointment or event.

Phone appointments

Unlisted or blocked numbers are not accepted – Note number calling in from for appointment and that number must be unlocked for appointment. Alison James is not responsible for lost time.

Client calls in for appointment in central time to the password protected number provided in email following confirmation.

Sound quality –  Alison James is not responsible for poor sound quality or connectivity, or reception issues during an appointment or for lost time or credit for said time.

Scent-free office

Synthetic chemicals and fragrance negatively affect the outcome of the reading and wellbeing of others including Alison. In order to be in compliance, no application of perfume, cologne and/or vapors should be made to your body, hair, environment and/or clothes washed or scented for (24) hours prior for in-person appointment or event. MCS compliant.

General disclaimer

These are professional appointments not that of amusement. Intuitive information is not an exact science, do keep your expectations within reason and use common sense. All information is provided is for entertainment and own use and not a substitute for advice from your healthcare professionals. You alone are responsible for your actions and results.

Psychic Gallery and personal Mediumship appointment disclaimer

No promises or guarantees are made for spirit communication or that you will receive a message at the event or private appointment or that the one you hope to present can or will as free-will is always part of the equation of the once you desire to connect with is available at that time. These are demonstrations of life after death and an experience for all in attendance at events. Children are prohibited from attending. Adults only.

Website & print

Everything is copyright© and all rights are reserved and may not be used by any means unless written approval is provided by Alison James, prior to usage. Information is subject to change with or without notice.