Terms and Conditions

All sales including deposits are final and no refunds or transfers

Rates subject to fluctuate once booked rate is locked in for that appointment only.

Telephone reading. Unlisted blocked numbers are not accepted. Number must be unlocked for reading or it’s a no show. Client calls in for appointment Minnesota time to the pass-code protected number.

Office reading. Allow one day booking window. CASH at appointment, no checks.

Correspondence- Alison James or associates are not held responsible for incorrectly keyed in or inactive email addresses and subsequent missed correspondence or missed appointments. When calling any number other than password protected number its a no show.

Sound quality. Alison James is not responsible for poor sound quality or connectivity, or reception issues during an appointment or for lost time or credit for said time.

No speaker or car phones. Speakerphone break up the connection and the reading forfeits. Anyone is listening in or in the room during a reading the reading will end all payment, remaining time forfeits, as does reschedule.

No recording. Readings are strictly confidential. Devices function as a virtual third-party, eavesdropping on what is a private exchange held in confidentiality that presumably doesn’t go beyond the reading or event.

Overtime. Timer is set to factor in five minutes of closure time for Alison. When timer goes off appointment is completed. Overtime begins immediately. 15-minute block $100

Tardy. Appointment starts exactly at reserved time. As a courtesy appointment is held up to ten minutes. 3 minutes for 15 minute.

No show. Pass allotted time, payments forfeits for phone appointment. Office appointment credit card on file is charged in full at the current regular rate. New appointment will be at regular rate plus re-booking fee.

Reschedule. Seven day notice required to reschedule appointment once must be sent via contact us form. Reschedule required within a 30 day window from original appointment. $35 re-booking fee due with the reschedule. After 30 days reschedule is void. No reschedules for office or urgent or specials.

Family Psychic Gallery: In office. Add additional people over age 16, and all must be related or looking to connect with the same family on the other side, Each additional person $75 per person, make note of number of add-ins, up to three. Ask before booking

Event tickets. Final non-refundable sale and no transfers or credits and good for event purchased void after.

Scent-free policy. We’re a Eco-friendly conscious scent-free business. Everyone’s health and quality of reading is dependent on a scent free environment. Fragrance or atmospheric fumes and synthetic chemicals cause scent confusion and it negatively affects the outcome of readings. In order to be in compliance, no application of perfume, cologne and/or essentials oils should be made to your body, hair, environment and/or clothes washed or scented for twenty-four (24) hours prior to your arrival. When fragrance or synthetics are used payment/seat and remaining time forfeits. MCS & EI compliant business.

Disclaimer. All information offered is at your own risk and not meant to replace any health care, legal or other professional advice or services. Any interpretation, application, use, or misuse of any information is at your sole discretion. Rule out any medical issues with medical professionals before you schedule for human or pet. Alison cannot diagnose nor prescribe.

Psychic Gallery Disclaimer. Messages are random and everyone shares in the group experience. It’s spirit led and afterlife connections are not guaranteed. These are not private readings.

Psychic Gallery cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel due to low enrollment. Ticket fee will be refunded back to original credit card within 30 days. Does’t apply to private Psychic or Family Galleries they are a final nonrefundable sale and no transfer dates or credit.

Copyright. Alison is subject to copyright© IE; voice, image and written (personal notes encouraged). No audio recording, video recording or photography allowed at any events or readings. In breach of policy and reading ends or individual is escorted from event. All monies and seat forfeited and subject to legal proceedings.

Website & print. Everything is copyright© and all rights are reserved and may not be used by any means unless written approval is provided by Alison James, prior to usage. Information is subject to change with or without notice.