PSYCHIC GALLERY and open to the public

PSYCHIC GALLERY and open to the public

OCTOBER 2nd 7-9 pm
Women's Club of Minneapolis
410 Oak Grove St,
Minneapolis, MN 55403

A rare opportunity to book with me in-Person for more than a 15 minute sample. Private readings October 2nd through October 5th walk-ins welcome. Open to the public and free admission to vendor event. Tickets for Paradigm event see event page.

Voted the best by WCCO CBS

Alison James was born uniquely gifted and is one of the top Psychic Mediums in America today.

Experiencing the divine this acutely is as normal to her as breathing is to most of us. She’s professional and easy-going.

As a Psychic she has the complete repertoire of psychic tools at her finger tips.

She has a profound connection with all species of animals and this is one of her specialties the other being a Medium.

She has maintained a private practice for over thirty years providing for people and pets around the globe.