• Frequently Asked Questions. Read website before contacting us as most everything can be found on-site. If you have a question not answered, contact us with a brief question through contact form below for immediate response or by phone for text message response.
  • Terms and conditions. Appointments are prepay and completed securely online at time of the booking. Final non transferable or refundable sale, no reschedules. By the act of booking you understand, agree and accept all terms & conditions and bound by them.
  • Expectations. Readings book out one day in advance and days and times are fluid. Check scheduler and for last minute phone reading openings.
  • No need to send your questions before the appointment, they’ll verbally be presented at the beginning of reading.

Urgent reading

NOTICE- at present you can book same day phone reading without incurring urgent fee, if,  you see availability on schedule.

Don’t see a time you need or during regular hours or after-hours. Let us  negotiate a time for you  Send email address to invoice, payment is due immediately to reserve as there are no appointment holds. Regular price + urgent fee of 15%.


On rare occasions a deal may be offered for marketing purposes for the first time client. One deal per person per lifetime, it will be checked and if used before the difference charged before confirmation. (Unless explicitly stated otherwise at payment). Advertised on Facebook


Use an active and correctly keyed in email during booking uthat is were all correspondence lands.

Overtime charge

Readings factor in 5 minutes for release of the connections that were initiated in the beginning of the reading. Closure and replacement of boundries starts before reading time ends to ensure appointment ends on time. Timer goes off or its scheduled end time, overtime begins. 15 minute block $100

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Phone reading

100% as effective as face-to-face, it’s simply a matter of personal preference.

Call-in instructions

Phone reading number. Call in at exact time in Central timeSpeaker phone and recording strictly prohibited.

15 minute reading

Psychic only – (Medium, Pets or Rainbow bridge excluded) $85

30 minute reading 

Psychic or Pet-Rainbow Bridge. (Medium excluded) $150

60 minute reading

Psychic Medium. Pet-Rainbow Bridge $300

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Office reading

One day booking window. Readings are 1-on-1, waiting area is provided for guest. Recording is prohibited, note paper is provided or bring your journal.

Two immediate family members looking to connect with same immediate family member on the otherside. One person will be primary – ask. Additional fee of $175. (Brother/Sister with parent on otherside. Married couple with child on other side).

60 minute reading

Psychic Medium. Pet-Rainbow Bridge $350

Synthetic chemicals and fragrance negatively affect the reading and wellbeing of others including Alison. In order to be in compliance, no application of perfume, cologne and/or vapors should be made to your body, hair, environment and/or clothes washed or scented for (24) hours prior for in-person appointment or event. MCS compliant.

Southtown Office Park

8120 Penn Avenue, Bloomington, MN 55431. Suite 100H