If you have a question not answered, contact us with a brief question through contact form below for immediate response or by phone for text message response.

Appointments book out 1 day in advance for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Check the scheduler for any last minute phone reading openings as they’re fluid open up randomly on any given day or time or Facebook for flash openings. See an opening on the scheduler, book it, with no emergency or urgent fee. Scroll down for details on booking.


In-office readings will no longer be available after later October. Book now

Emergency or urgent phone reading

Don’t see an opening on the scheduler, please allow us to negotiate a special time for you. Invoice sent soon as time is arranged. No appointment holds, payment immediately due by credit card to reserve. Request on the contact form below. All policies apply.

Emergency phone reading: Within a 3 hour window on any weekday. Weekends. Regular price plus 30%.

Urgent phone reading: More than a 3 hour window on any week day. No weekends. Regular price plus 25%.

In-office: Ask


Use an active and correctly keyed in text as that is were all correspondence lands; including reminders and updates.


A professional reading is an alternative way of receiving information outside of the normal channels of communication based on years of experience and well honed skills.

How a reading works

Question Direct© reader, no general readings. No need to send your questions in advance of appointment as they’ll be verbally presented at the time of the reading.

Terms and conditions

 Appointments are prepay and completed securely online at time of the booking. Final non transferable, non- refundable sale. No reschedules. By the act of booking you understand, agree and accept all terms and conditions and are bound by them.

Overtime charge

Fee for service. No “free” time. Closure with replacement of boundries begins before reading time ends as is standard professional practice. All readings factor in 5 minutes for release of the connections that were initiated in the beginning of the reading. Timer goes off reading is considered completed, overtime is automatically charged and invoiced. 15 minute block $100

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Phone reading

100% as effective as face-to-face, it’s simply a matter of personal preference.

Call-in appointment instructions

Phone reading number

Client calls in for appointment. Alison answers phone call at exact time of scheduled appointment in central time to the reserved appointment line. 1 person per reading. Speaker phone or recording are strictly prohibited. Call-in central standard time. (Minnesota)

15 minute reading sample

Psychic only – (Medium, Pets or Rainbow bridge excluded) $85

30 minute reading 

Psychic or Pets or Rainbow Bridge included. (Medium excluded) $170

60 minute reading

Psychic – Medium. Pet- Rainbow Bridge included $300

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Office reading


In-office readings will no longer be available after later October. Book now

By the appointment. When you see same day on the scheduler, its in place for phone readings only. Allow at least a 1 day booking window for office readings.

Reading is one-on-one. Waiting area is provided if you bring a guest (No childcare). More than one see Psychic Gallery.

Recording is strictly prohibited. Note paper is provided or bring your journal

60 minute reading

Psychic – Medium. Pet – Rainbow Bridge $350

Synthetic chemicals and fragrance negatively affect the reading and wellbeing of others including Alison. In order to be in compliance, no application of perfume, cologne and/or vapors should be made to your body, hair, environment and/or clothes washed or scented for (24) hours prior for in-person appointment or event. MCS compliant.

Southtown Office Park

By the appointment, no drop-ins.