Phone number


Call this appointment number in central time. Alison will answer at exact time of reading. Have a strong signal. Find a quiet private area where there’ll be no disturbances or others in the room including pets. Terms and conditions. Thank you and I look forward to working with you, Alison

No speaker or car phones

NO speakerphones- reading ends if in use and all payment and remaining time forfeits.

No recording©

Readings are strictly confidential. Device or on-looker function as a virtual third-party, or eavesdropping on what is a private exchange held in confidentiality that presumably doesn’t go beyond the reading or event. Event may be recorded by Alison James and her associates.


Readings factor in 5 minutes for release of connections that were initiated in the beginning of the reading and closure and replacement of boundries. When timer goes off reading is concluded and overtime is charged – 15 minute block $100.