Psychic reading


Are you finding yourself at the crossroads? Decisions need to be made regarding this side? Past, present and future, then you’d want to book a Psychic Intuitive reading.

Personal reading

Topics: Love. Family. Relationships. Life Path. Career. Education. Health. Nutrition. Spirituality. Wealth. Business. Marketing. Travel. Relocation.

Questions: About yourself and this side and preparation for the next life, in order of importance.

Past & present. Near & far future life

As a Psychic Interpreter® Alison looks into past lives and future incarnations, as on your current soul life in this body. As far as; how does that past incarnation affect the client now, and if they’re any areas that need resolution or tools for change. Doing so this way assists in your growth and evolution in this lifetime and prepares a soul for the future incarnations.

Family Reading

A private personal reading is scheduled for one person for 60 minutes and the current fee is $525 or up to six adults 18 and over may attend the same intimate group, for an additional $50 per person and up to 90 minutes. It is however advised that all participants (sitters) be related or looking to connect with the same family on the other side. Within the Minneapolis metro: Provide the public venue. Read Terms. Must include proposed venue, dates with total number of attendees in the contact form for a response. Outside of metro, lodging, travel and incidentals in addition. Request a quote.


My Psychic readings with Alison James have been landmarks along my spiritual path. She is able to check in with my soul and provide information that is direct, clear, insightful and fully supportive. Through her, I have learned what the big issues are in my life and how to balance them properly. I find it fascinating that she described a soul connection as a future relationship and three days later this woman crossed my path. Alison was also able to accurately describe my future loft to me a year in advance of my finding it. She has helped me identify the aspects of my career that are the most satisfying, and has given accurate consultations of where I am headed. I trust Alison James for the important questions about my life and I fully recommend her as a gifted psychic. David W

As I looked over the notes I took at the reading you did for me. I notice, I did not write anything down about the house question. Then I realized how emotional of a question and big step it was after 18 years. I did not need to write because I can see and hear the answers. It is so real.  Alison Says: Because you’ll soul and body remembers the complete reading, on all levels.

Mahalo Alison, For your great reading 10 years ago it was great and fun and the things came true!! You said I would move to Hawaii and be driving a black convertible and have my hair many colors. When I saw you today at the event, during my short visit to Minneapolis it all came back to me and see my hair is many colors and I live in Hawaii and drive a black convertible. Dana L

Alison, you are an amazing Psychic!!! You blew my mind away today. Can’t believe how accurate and helpful you were. And you are a kind and caring person. John D

I set my alarm and got up to hear you on the radio on “WCCO late night with Brad Walton” Saturday morning at 1-3:30. You were spectacular once again. It was extra special to hear you because I met you, and I could picture you there. I could “see” your expressions and your gestures.  Arthur K

If another intuitive like myself uses your services…it’s saying a lot. Thanks for all your insights. Peng H

Besides being very personable, Alison is amazingly accurate in her readings. In my experience, she has been spot on regarding a number of events in my life, both professionally and personally. For example, she described exactly the office environment in which I would be interviewing for my current job, from the panoramic conference room windows when stepping off the elevator to the building across the street to the people involved in each stage of interviewing. Each stage of the interview process went as she described. And even when I told Alison in a subsequent reading I had been repeatedly assured I had completed the interview process for the job, she told me I was not done yet. To my surprise, I received a call the next day that the company had one more person they wanted me to interview with! I have received readings from Alison for two years and have been very satisfied. Pretty amazing in accuracy overall though. While I accepted it on Monday, I am reevaluating it. My gut keeps throwing doubt out there, including the 11th-hour surprise that was mentioned for the first time after the offer was made a 16-hour third party assessment of me that I have to participate in as part of the offer remaining valid and even then explained as simply a 3-4 hour interview and personality questionnaire completion. Pretty wild. We’ll see. Tim K

Follow-up: I did get the job offer. You were right about there being another delay beyond what I thought was the ”final” interview: The day after the reading, they called to let me know they wanted one more interview with CEO!

She is the real deal folks. Linda B

I have talked to Alison a number of times and she has always been helpful in giving guidance to making decisions. She is very accurate. She is also very kind. She is always a pleasure to talk with. I will continue to consults with her! I also have friends and family who have talked with her and will continue to do so. They have also been very happy with her advice!  Cathy K

In the midst of chaos Alison is a firm, calm ear. She helps to eliminate the non-essential concerns, and get directly to the focus of an issue, illuminating a clear path forward. Eileen P

Alison James, I cannot thank you enough for helping me to understand myself, mind, body and soul. With the sessions I have had with you there has been never a dull moment. I come away with yet a deeper understanding of who my soul is and how I can move forward with my life and those around me in the best way possible ways. Your kindness and understanding with of some of my silly questions and help me with some of the harder questions with compassion. You always seem to know what it is I am trying to understand and find me answers and markers for the future.  Caroline C

Thank you for not judging me and providing me with the tools I need to make my choices on direction in my life. “You truly are the unconditional love Psychic!”  Nicole K

I have been to several Psychics and I was not looking to meet my guides or hear what angels had to say but receive information that I could work with and make changes in my life and Alison you are unbelievably good. I left our meeting knowing where, what and when and had the markers to look forward to. I have received confirmation too many times to mention. Your readings always impress me and cleared the way and answered the questions I had. Usually when I get a reading it is a little vague not with you! I will continue to refer friends and business associates to you as the need presents itself. Robert B