Psychic Gallery

Psychic Gallery on October 28th 1-3

Missing your loved ones? Join Alison James in this profoundly moving interactive healing experience. Introduction with forum followed with messages with those in the afterlife, including pets. Have first name of someone you hope to connect with. 12 seats. Adults. Ticket $75

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Online scheduling

Personal or Family Psychic Gallery reading

A personal reading is scheduled for one adult person base rate $425 OR up to 4 adults 18 and over may attend, for an additional $100 per person. It’s advised that all participants (sitters) be related or looking to connect with the same family on the other side. Within the Minneapolis metro: Provide the public venue you’ll be providing. Must include proposed venue with dates and total number of participants in the contact form for a response. Outside of metro; lodging, travel and incidentals are in addition. Request a quote.

Private Psychic Gallery

Mixed unrelated group. Base rate includes 8-10 adults $750. Additional $75 per person. Provide the public venue. Must include proposed venue, dates with total number of attendees in the contact form for a response. Outside of metro, lodging, travel and incidentals in addition. Request a quote.

There never be a guarantee of a message when purchasing tickets to any of Alison’s galleries, private or public. They are spirit led and messages are random in any event large or small.

How long to wait after a loved one has passed on?

When there has been a recent lost a loved one, wait until the emotions have remained stable for a period of time, roughly six months to a year. When there has been a recent passing you and the one who crossed are in deep grief and the emotions are raw; emotionally charged event. The high emotion manifests in this type of early reading blocks the flow and can stop it altogether. Allow yourself to grieve and stabilize to be in a calmer place to receive the messages and to communicate. The solace it brings is invaluable, but at the same time it can be unsettling.


The “Psychic Gallery”, for young widows/widowers was a wonderful event. your insightful, sincere, meaningful transmissions that meant so much to each of us who have lost a spouse. You gave us a small dose of hope, joy, encouragement, some peace and consolation, and upheaval in the stability that we’re trying so hard to maintain. I think all of us extend a hug of appreciation to you.

Thank you so much for last night’s Psychic Gallery. I am in awe of the contacts we made. Debi L

After spending two hours with Alison in our private Psychic Gallery, all my friends said they would have paid double to get the insight that Alison gave them. We were amazed at how she reached in and grabbed key elements of our pasts, presents and futures. Thought provoking and a bit surreal, but overall one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever encountered. It was, without a doubt, a true communication with those that I’ve connected with on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. Alison used discretion and only spoke about things we were comfortable with. I feel reassured, refreshed and uplifted. It was wonderful.  A,y Q

The Psychic Gallery was a wonderful experience. I have been thinking about it since I left last night. I am still amazed at all the things you said. Marcia D

Alison the question was “Has my Mother found her family yet on the Other Side”? You said they were together and the youngest brother was hopping around and dancing, you said he is an entertainer. I said yes he ran the theaters in Austin. I knew I had this clipping in the basement; it took me a long time to get it out. It read; “Show Biz” Vet. A former Vaudeville trouper, Karl “rolled em in the aisles” with a song routine 32 years ago. I wanted you to know what you said was right on! Jan H

Clipping 03/14/1948