You’ll need to discern the topics based on what time block was purchased. Have topics and questions as precise as possible and in order of priority, and, as many as can be realistically answered within the that time. Alison will manage the flow of information. Connecting with your soul and pets if asking about them; allow her time to concentrate on presenting original questions before moving on. She validates them as she goes and shares what she gets and, anything that comes up that needs to attention, will be immediately addressed before moving forward.

Have an open mind and try to relax and put your mind at ease before the reading. Look forward to an enlightening experience by going with the flow. You can expect guidance with options to help you make wise choices. Highly recommend written notes, written verbatim with time stamp. No recording or speaker or car phones

A reading exists outside of the normal faculties of reason and logic, and comes from multiple sources in a myriad of ways that are unique to you. Not everything is as literal as one would “think”, with that said *markers do not change. Trying to force reason and logic can confuse the delivery and mess up the messages. Spirit may be giving signs and markers you are yet unaware of as validation for a later time.

Don’t try to control the reading by packing too much in with questions on questions. Alison manages the flow realistically and reaches for as much clarity as possible with the original questions that were provided at the beginning and that which spirit asks and provides.

It’s a live feed transmission, and she has little or no memory at all of what transpired after the reading is over. With that said, at later reading she can piggy-back from the last reading with her and continue where you left off and check back on what may or may not have changed.

There’s often is  information presented during a reading that you are not aware of yet, as in the case of the future. *Markers or given. Very important to write it down, exactly as Alison presents it, so you can go back to your notes as the mind is selective and remembers as it chooses and tries to apply logic and reason, which is not intuitively as it was recieved and given.

There’ll always be more questions as the day is long. That’s a guarantee. Follow-up questions

Psychic stymie is the information, symbols etc. ring so true without previous knowledge, the client is blown away by it and kind of goes numb for a minute. Mini shock, Alison tries strives to keep the drama to a minimum.