Medium reading


Enlightening interactive healing experience, includes pets along with psychic questions about this side. Have questions ready about this side and other side with  first names of those you hope to connect with on the other side. 60 minutes is required due to the depth and complexity, and subsequent emotions that invariably arise. Reading is for one person and can add one person, additional fee.

How long to wait after a loved one has passed on?

When there has been a recent lost your loved one, wait until your emotions have remained stable for a period of time, roughly six months to a year. When there has been a recent passing you and the one who crossed are in deep grief and the emotions are raw; emotionally charged event. The high emotion manifests in this type of early reading blocks the flow and can stop it altogether. Allow yourself to grieve and stabilize to be in a calmer place to receive the messages and to communicate. The solace it brings is invaluable, but at the same time it can be unsettling.

What signs are my loved ones showing me or have showed me?

Best to ask is, how can I better communicate with my loved ones on the other side. It takes a profound amount of effort from your loved ones who’ve passed to reach through the veil to this side to create paranormal phenomenon. Expecting “a sign or big signs” isn’t always in the equation. It doesn’t mean they don’t interact in their own way and Alison will offer free-will signs and markers if They provide it, not on demand.

What are good questions to ask?

Any that involve loving correspondence and those seeking clarity and closure, are ethical and respectful. Loved ones in the afterlife continue their growth and relationship with you. Their emotions and memories come thru and they have questions they wished to be addressed and potentially working thru their loss and grief.

Why does Alison ask me questions?

Loved ones coming through may be having a challenge, or the information presented isn’t as clear or understood. These are the your people and the information is new to her and she seeks clarity on direction you may choose to take with the information she is being offered.

How do I prepare?

It’s helpful to think about those in the afterlife and send thoughts of intent before a reading. Loved ones in the other realms can sense energy, and doing this helps to raise the vibrations in making a stronger quicker connection possible. Visit preparation page.


Alison connects with you and loved ones by their first names, dialing up their soul directly and must validate before the merge. No name charades it’s the conversation and messages that hold the meaning and provide hard validation in a timely manner. Provide the first names of those you wish to initiate contact with to expedite the connection. Also your relationship status. “Who they are to you”.

It’s all about the flow

It’s understood you and loved ones are eager to connect. It can be highly charged so it’s best to be in a calmer state to get these questions addressed first and then move onto the much deeper frequencies. Be patience during an a reading, sometimes others may come through before the one you are asking about (even pets). Alison must validate she has the correct loved loved one. Keep in mind it’s with great effort for the loved one to communicate through the layered multiverse for loved one as well as Alison, she needs to ensure it’s the correct person before completing the full connection for her safety and well-being.