Spiritual healing addresses; soul fragmentation, loss of power, in need of cleansing of the psychic sort. That is to say, it addresses the part of the illness that is in your spirit, soul, or energetic body (Auric). When the body or mind is injured the injury will also exist in the soul. Our possessions hold energy and memory and may be the focus of an energy extraction or alteration.

Unlike western medicine, the way the spiritual illness effects the body is not always the same. The way to address the same condition may be totally different from one client to the next. The “one method cures all” idea doesn’t work in spiritual healing. There is a mysterious element to how Alison effects a healing and positive movement with transmutation and it’s unique to each healing with the greatest good the focus. Alison works effectively and expediently with people, pets, natural and spirit worlds which can become out of balance and disharmonious with oneself and in the world.

The types of trauma that could cause soul loss in our modern culture would be any kind of abuse, be it; any stress or anxiety causing event or experience :: emotional, sexual or physical. War or political strife, past life trauma, divorce or breakup involving a significant other, or death of a loved one, acting against our morals and values, addictions, accidents, chemical and EMFs, being a victim of a terrorist act or cult, being in a natural disaster, surgery or heavily medicated or pets that have questionable backgrounds or abuse themselves. Soul fragmentation is at the root of most of the people and pets with PTSD and comes up frequently in readings. Each healing is unique to the individual and may be one healing or more.

From a spiritual point of view part of the soul splits off, or dissociates and can be locked into the time of incident, happening when we experience abuse or trauma of any kind. The soul part that breaks off, moves into the spirit realm and outside of linear of time, becoming stuck or lost in the spirit worlds which leaves an opening in your soul that remains with the body and within the auric field. Alison works on behalf of the client to retrieve lost soul parts, fill that opening, and restore the integrity of the one’s life-force and inner strength. Also works on removing tragic memories.

While one cannot say in advance whether the healing will work or not as free-will plays a large part in the equation and outcome with acceptance and putting the healing into action in your life. Be gentle and kind with yourself and ask for support from family and friends. Actively participate in the healing by journaling of thoughts and changes throughout the healing journey. Understand healing can take time to be processed by the body, mind, soul and to fully manifest and integrate as the issue was not created in a vacuum and time heals.

How’s a spiritual healing work?

Healing steps in after you have ruled out or come to a standstill with those professionals. Alison goes into a controlled altered state of consciousness *ASC and acts as a the conduit to run the energy with reading the situation that led to the current issue in her private sanctuary after the consultation.

Your name and or picture acts as the connector and anchor to you while she works. She reaches for that which no longer serves you, removes and transforms the energy into good to presents back to you in the positive. It’s a profoundly rich healing experience utilizing multiple disciplines and experience with clients the years over. Minor child, at risk adult parent or pet you will be their proxy.

Scheduling a healing

Read Terms and conditions before scheduling. Healing is long-distance privately.

Total one hour – 15 minutes phone consultation in regards to one issue per healing and 45 minute private healing follows within 48 hours with brief email sent once completed. Scheduling $300

*ASC – Altered state of consciousness – most often you will have no idea she is in this state of being.