Looking for soul reunion experience?



More than a message with Alison James “group reading”. It’s an intensive healing event where everyone shares in the transformative effect of spirit communication as a whole. There’s Q & A and connections with loved ones who’ve transitioned. Each Psychic Gallery is as unique as those who attend and the ones who come through from the other side, including pets!

Alison works with her guide group the “Spirit Counsel” and those who come through. As a Physical Trance Medium it’s imperative to control the environment internal and external during the Gallery. Because, she uses her own body for the transfigurations, materialization, emotions. It’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before guaranteed, it’s all good, no posturing she keeps it subtle and professional.

She partners with the universal energies, attendees and the energy systems to anchor to this world. Moving her personal energy and history aside so that there is no transference, in essence, is the crystal clear pure vessel. Opening herself to all the diverse energies and then releasing them all at closure time before the event ends.


Alison connects with you and loved ones by their first names, dialing up their soul directly and must validate before the merge. No name charades it’s the conversation that hold the meaning and provides the hard validation in a timely manner when dialing direct. Provide the first name of those to initiate contact with to expedite the connection if spirit chooses. Also the relationship status. “Who they are to you”.

How long to wait after a loved one has passed on?

When there’s been a recent loss a loved one, wait until the emotions have remained stable for a period of time, roughly nine months to a year. Those in deep grief have raw emotions making it an emotionally charged even and difficult for Alison especially as a Physical Trance Medium to provide at a Gallery. The high emotion that manifests in this type of early connection blocks the flow and can stop it altogether. Allow yourself to grieve and stabilize to be in a calmer place. The solace it brings is invaluable, but at the same time it can be unsettling. Know those on the other side may also be grieving the loss.


Contact us with number of attendees, which event include dates and times you’re requesting.

By the act of making a reservation you understand, agree and accept all terms and conditions. Invoiced and due at scheduling.

No one is guaranteed a personal reading, that require a 60 minute private reading in office or over the phone.


Southtown Office Park is conveniently located south of 494 & Penn in Bloomington, just minutes from the airport. 8120 Penn Avenue

Psychic Gallery

Gather your friends and associates together for a private event that’s out of the ordinary to experience live spirit communication.

Profoundly moving group event of mixed adult attendees, located in one of the many conference rooms.

Two hour base rate $600 includes twelve attendees. Each attendee thereafter is $45 each.

Family Gallery

Profoundly moving intimate shared private family event for two in office.

Both must be related or looking to connect with the same family on the other side. Adults.

60 minute event. Two attendees base rate $350. More than two are $45 each.

These are not personal individual readings.