Follow-up questions


More questions inevitably arise. As more comes to light including the subsequent actions the client after the last reading. Only the client may decide it’s time to book another reading, knowing when the time is right. Some clients are like clockwork every six months, others once a year and some every three years or more.


Needing a little more clarity. Got urgent issues that need answers now. 15 minute check-ins are great for this purpose or a longer reading depending how many issues or how complex they are.

More doesn’t mean better

Too many readings stacked without processing the information first or by booking with several Psychics in a row can end up with crossed-wires and a mess of jumbled information, leaving the client in a state of confusion.


Is unknowable and in flux, due to free will of all involved, no guarantees can be made in all honesty. She can certainly look into age progression or validation of different locations, energy patterns and markers, regarding ideas or windows of time. Spirit world is outside of linear time. No one has control over how timing plays out in the physical world; it ‘s truly unknowable, as there are far too many variables and the free-will of all involved also, how proactive you are with the information garnered at the reading.

Pause & reflect

When the same information keeps repeating and cycling in readings, Alison may request the client to take a break from scheduling readings for a while. This allows time to catch up and manifestation to take place. It’s a way of respecting the process.