Lost & found

Lost people, money or wills, lost or misplaced items, lost pets, children or birth parents is not a requested service. Hire a Private investigator or Petfinder. List on lost pets list your pet with picture, characteristics, last known place and never lose hope or stop looking.


Family Psychic Gallery Reading Private reading for 1 or add family members.

Events Psychic 15 or Psychic or Pet 30 minutes. No deceased pets or deceased people at these events.

Questions about or for other adults

Client is focus of the reading and front and center. Personal reading is for them. Other adults must book own reading.

No cheating, lying, dangerous and risky behavior or legal issues

You can certainly look at the relationship and action steps for yourself. Garnering information for another would be akin to psychic breaking and entering and that’s illegal; most importantly it’s unethical for Alison to spy into their private business and it personally puts her in danger of repercussions. Hire a private investigator or other professional whose business it is to address these matters. Links and see links at the bottom of page.

Minors & at-risk adults

If  the child is yours. Book reading for you the parent as proxy for minor, (minors and pets don’t attend). Vulnerable adults; the adult child will be proxy for the parent. Mostly comes into play when one is in comma or mentally challenged. Alison works with the soul to obtain answers.

Discounted or barter for services

Alison’s time, talents and energy are a fee for service and the means of securing the necessities of life and managing her business. Check out the weekly special, keeping in mind if you have ever taken advantage of any deal in the past you’ve used up your once in a lifetime discount per person. Barter may be possible; business to business at standard rates dollar for dollar in exchange for service or products. Remuneration

Insider information

Games of chance, stocks and bonds, hidden items, wills & legal papers, monies or what the deceased  or what other adults want and need aren’t addressed. Due to ethical, and legal concerns; consult a Lawyer, Private investigator, Broker or Bookie.

Passive reading

Mums the word? When no guidance or direction on wants and needs is offered; it equates to giving full responsibility along with choices and direction on one’s life to the wind. A passive reading picks up random bits and pieces, are general and often used as a form of entertainment or learning for students, not that of hiring a professional.


Alisons readings are a meeting based in mutual respect and direction as an affirmative prayer. Client is responsible for what their needs and area’s of focus are. Alison needs your input to serve you. Same as with all professionals. Be prepared with your topics and questions to receive the very best service. Readings are for guidance for you make wise choices in your life. They’re not a play-by-play and Alison will not tell you what to do or what she thinks as the information is coming from spirit not her and no one can control your outcome based on your choices. You’re in the driver’s seat of your soul.

Client list

Client list is confidential. Clientele are from multiple walks of life, notoriety, beliefs, orientations, businesses, faiths, and backgrounds who are open-minded, kind and action-orientated.

Email or chat reading

Readings are performed live with a direct connection with the client in real time. Phone or in-person.


The name is the key that unlocks the door to the soul. Actual names must be provided at booking and first name at the reading; no aliases. She connects using the client and loved one with immediate connect with the first name, think of it as a soul-to-soul dial up. Medium reading

Faith & beliefs

A reading is simply an alternative way of receiving information outside of the norm. It works regardless of beliefs. It’s specifically for you alone and fits within your personal cosmology, and functions as the lens in which information filters thru. Questions about religious doctrine consult with a Theologian. Alison’s personal life and beliefs are private.

Client calls in for reading

Clients are responsible to arrive or call-in on time, your call is answered at the exact time of the appointment. Event readings arrive five minutes early.

Spirit Guides

She doesn’t specifically go in search of spirit guides to explain what they look like or names, if they provide it she will give it. This is one of the most important personal and private relationships of the your life; a deep power-filled empirical relationship that takes time and dedication to develop and trust that develops.


Good or confused discarnates, no problem. Nasty or evil discarnates hire a Paranormal team to offer assistance with determining if there is a infestation and the severity of the situation. Exorcism the religious rite or spiritual practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person, or an area, they are believed to have possessed- Not a provided service.

When will I die..

Alison can provide guidance on what paths to follow for good living on this side and what ** markers she sees for the future, for choices and palliative care.


Good question to ask is: How can I make myself ready to meet them and how might I know? Soul mates can also be non-human animals.

No recording

Devices function as a virtual third-party, eavesdropping on what is a private exchange held in confidentiality that presumably doesn’t go beyond the appointment or event. Alison is subject to copyright© IE; voice, image and written (personal notes encouraged). No audio recording, video recording or photography allowed at any events or readings.

No wiretapping

One client per appointment, no one else listening in or in the room. The reading can and often does jump to the other person sitting with you and causes interference and will stop the flow and wires get crossed. In a Psychic Galley it doesn’t happen.

No speaker or car phones

It breaks up the energy and connection and makes it’s it almost impossible to hear with the continual popping and ambient noise in the background and causes Alison to fall out of focus, very distracting for her and, when client distracted, moving about or unfocused. The quality the reading jeopardized as is time. Headsets may fall into this category. If you choose to use a headset check in with Alison if the connection is clear. Seriously, no driving during reading. Focus is very important as is everyone’s well-being.

Scent-free policy

Terms of Service policies and disclaimer

Spiritualist Church Mediumship messages and healing offerings

Healing Pen Pals contact Sybil and tell her Alison sent you. Sybil’s team works with the good guys. No demon or entity removal.

Broker is an individual person who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed. A broker who also acts as a seller or as a buyer becomes a principal party to the deal.

Lawyer is a person who practices law, as an advocate, barrister, attorney, counselor or solicitor or chartered legal executive

Private Investigator is a person who can be hired to undertake investigatory law services. Private detectives/investigators often work for attorneys in civil and criminal cases

** Markers. Snippets of the future events.