“For those who believe no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible”. The Song of Bernadette

A reading is simply an alternative way of receiving information outside of the norm. It works regardless of beliefs. It’s specifically for you alone and fits within your personal cosmology, and functions as the lens in which information filters thru to Alison. Questions about religious doctrine consult with a Theologian. Alison’s personal life and beliefs remain private.

When is a good time for a reading or healing?

When you’ve ruled out issues with other professionals and methods, arrived at a dead-ends, or things keep repeating and following unwanted patterns, with self (reading). (Healings;) home, property, business or vehicle, or you want to bless a new venture for success and good things.

Lost and found service

 No Lost people, pets, birth parents, things or questions surrounding money or legal papers.

How long to wait after a loved one has passed on?

When there has been a recent lost your loved one, wait until your emotions have remained stable for a period of time, roughly six months to a year, less if it’s a pet. Medium reading.

Direct dial

Provide real name at scheduling and for reading. Name is key to unlock the door to your soul and to connect to those on the other side. No aliases.

Recording or use of a speakerphone

Devices function as a virtual third-party. Eavesdropping on what is a private exchange held in confidentiality that presumably doesn’t go beyond the appointment. Alison is subject to copyright© IE; voice, image and written (personal notes encouraged). No audio, video recording or photography allowed at any appointment or event.

Infidelity or tell me what they’re thinking

You can look at the relationship and action steps to take for yourself. Garnering information for another is equivalent to psychic breaking and entering; moreover it’s unethical to spy into their private soul life this also puts Alison in danger of repercussions. Alison can certainly read a previous event and pick up residuals and thought forms with no risk or safety issues.

Minors and vulnerable adults

Readings are for 18 and over. If the child is yours, you’ll be proxy for minor, (minors and pets don’t attend). Vulnerable adults; adult child will be proxy for the parent. Events 16 and over may attend with adult on request, and both are required to purchase seats.


Alison’s time, talents and energy are a fee for service and the means of securing the necessities of life and managing her business. Appointments are fee for service. Barter; business to business at standard rates; dollar for dollar in exchange for service or products. Submit a request with website and services/product. Charities and donations privately chosen and provided by her and her family. Remuneration

Insider information

Games of chance, stocks and bonds, hidden items, wills & legal papers, monies or what the deceased or what others want and need aren’t addressed. Due to ethical, and legal concerns; consult a Lawyer, Private investigator, Broker or Bookie.

Passive reading

Mums the word, or test the Psychic wastes valuable time and akin to relinquishing your free-will and power. Cryptic reading is general with fits and starts and not very effective. Pure entertainment, not that of a professional whereas Alison applies her question direct methodology for focused on point readings. Be prepared.

Exit point for me and my loved ones

Alison can provide guidance on what paths to follow for good living the good life and what ** markers she sees for the future with possible options for healthy life choices.

Soulmates and Spiritual family or Twin flame and Twin soul

It’s all about growth and love. Good questions to ask are: How can I make myself ready to meet them and how might I know I’m on track to right relationship with self and them? What do I have to learn and what are the steps and *markers? Soulmates can be any sentient-being.

“So ancient is the desire of one another which is implanted in us, reuniting our original nature, seeking to make one of two, and to heal the state of humankind”. Plato, Symposium

Spirit Guides and Guardians

Alison works with the good guys at every reading, however, not specifically going search of what they look like or what there names are. This is one of the most important personal and private relationships of the your life; a deep power-filled empirical relationship that takes time and dedication to develop and you may wish to attend a workshop with her to develop this relationship.

Ghosts, Angels and Demons

Good or confused discarnates, no problem. Angels come of their own free will and not summoned. Nasty discarnates hire a Paranormal teamExorcism.

Spiritualist Church Mediumship messages and healing offerings

Healing Pen Pals Contact Sybil and tell her Alison sent you. No demon removal.

** Markers. Snippets of the future events.