A reading is to be thought of as an additional way outside of the norm to gather ethical information gathered from spirit for oneself, own under-age children or at-risk adults. A covenant between you and the spirit world with Alison as the liaison between worlds and messenger. FAQ

Your soul acts as the lens and barometer from which she experiences the information. Multiverse travel is a standard for seeing, feeling and experiencing possible scenarios or past events. She manages the reading by addressing as many of the topics and questions that are manageable within the time purchased. Keeping in mind that spirits have their agenda as well. She strives to keep the reading on point in a timely manner utilizing her specialized question direct© methodology, unlike the Spiritual Church tradition which you most often see used by other Mediums. Alison is self trained with thousands of readings and hard-wired natural born and unique in her ways. Book a 15 minute sample if in question and read her over 350 testimonials.

Alison was voted the best and a reading is for guidance and your potential. A reading is to acquire more knowledge in a non-ordinary way to make wise choices. You’re in control of your soul and direction of your life. Predictions cannot be foretold with any degree of accuracy, as everything would need to play out 100% from the information gleaned at the reading. Not only that, everyone’s free-will would need to be in agreement and not change at all. It can happen in very rare occasions. Keep your expectations within reason and common sense.

**”Markers” are snippets in the past, present and future and these do not change, and what’s focused on in a reading with Alison along with choices for the client. If you make changes in the future that can negate the markers you recieved as well as if the others change.

Reading format

First- Clarion call goes out to all the guides and helpers.

Second- Then off to building the basis of reading by designing an outline with your verbally presented topics and questions. Alison jots down in her personal notes to stay on point with the topics and your questions and spirits.

Thirdly-  She connects to your physical being as the anchor first then mind, body soul to finish the link-up and will share with you what she receives.

Fourth- Enters into the body of the reading. It has a natural flow to it like a good novel, a beginning, middle and end with the reading wrapping a five minutes before the end which allows closure and to end on time.

Lastly- Connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting to your soul, and pets’ numerous times and does the same with loved ones. The reading builds momentum. Information funnels in via its many forms and based on accumulated overlays.

Once the reading is over so are the connections. Until next time..