A reading is to acquire knowledge in a non-ordinary way to make wise choices. A covenant between you, the spirit world with Alison as the liaison and vehicle between worlds as interpreter. Your soul acts as the lens and barometer. Multiverse travel is a standard for seeing, feeling and experiencing possible future scenarios or past events. She strives to keep the reading on point in a timely manner utilizing her designed question direct methodology by managing the reading with addressing as many of the original area/s and questions that are realistic within the time reserved. Spirits have their agenda as well and are part of the equation always.

You’re in control of your soul and direction of your life. Prophecies cannot be foretold with any degree of accuracy, as intuitive information is not an exact science and everything would need to play out 100% from the information gleaned during your sitting with Alison. Not only that, everyone’s free-will would need to be in agreement and not change. It can happen in rare occasions.

Keep your expectations within reason and use common sense. Understand a reading is a covenant between you, Alison and spirit and not to be used for amusement and cheap thrills. Alison gives everything’s she’s got to provide for you and your consulting the spirit world, loved ones and guardians, they come forward to assist you and respect is key all around.