Experience Alison’s question direct style in-person at an event

1 adult = 1 reading + 1 primary issue

Choose one – Love & relationship. Career & business. School & education. Physical & soul well-being. Travel & relocation or 30 minute pet reading- pet stays home.

No Medium- deceased humans or deceased pets at personal event readings, lost or found, infidelity questions or recording©.

Reservations on request with credit card. See footer for venue for details.

15 minutes – Psychic only. Credit $75. Cash, no checks $65

30 minutes – Psychic or Pet. Credit $150. Cash, no checks $130

By the act of making a reservation you understand, agree and accept terms and conditions.

Readings are timed to factor in closure time to disengage from your mind, body and spirit. Overtime is automatically invoiced passed timer. 15-minute block $100. Deals do not apply.

Have a few concise questions regarding the one primary issue. Paper is provided for your personal notes or bring a journal along. Recommended you take detailed notes verbatim. Do arrive five minutes early.