Skills and Abilities

Alison harnesses well-honed proven natural born Psychic Medium and Pet Interpreter. Readings are a collaboration and your needs are unique to you and no two readings are ever the same, even with long standing clients.

Psychic  Past and present, near and far future

Many overlays of abilities used in this type of reading and base of all readings. Alison designs and interweaves them to  attain superior results focused on growth of your soul and preparation into next life. Seeing and connecting the dots as it were by working remotely and in-person. Bilolocating as the Psychic Time Traveler in the Physical, Etheric, Celestial, Astral, Spiritual realms. As a Psychic she goes into past lives and future incarnations, as on your current soul life in this body and next. Focus on how does that past incarnation affect the client now, and if they’re any areas that need resolution or tools for change. Doing so in this way the information recieved will assist in your growth and evolution in this lifetime and prepares You for the future incarnations.

Pet Interpreter – Animal Psychic

All the aforementioned specialties are applied to your pets mind, body and soul as well. Always includes a connection to the human and to the pet as there are many levels of communication and circumstances between you. Minimum 30 minutes required. Pet reading

Mental Telepathy – Thoughts

A branch of clairsentience, excelling in this ability as well. It’s the transfer of information through thoughts and feelings between individuals. Reading client’s thoughts and mental contents.

Clairsentient – Feeling

Profoundly empathetic. Knows and feels the thoughts and emotions and full body sensations in the past, present and future. Etheric

Clairvoyant – Seeing

It’s the gathering of information that is previously unknown, most commonly the perception of events that have occurred in the past, or which may occur in the future or presently.

Claircognizant – Knowing

Knowing without knowing how. Information outside the realm of normal consciousness, think superconscious.

Clairgustance – Tasting

Taste without physical substance, tastes ethereally.

Clairalience – Smelling

Accessing scent knowledge in non-ordinary ways and through the etheric realms.

Clairaudient – Hearing

Hearing in a non-ordinary manner, actual perception of sounds such as voices, tones, or noises which are not apparent to others or to recording equipment.

Clairtangency – Touching

A.K.A. Psychometry; to sense information by touch. Usually, this is applied to an inanimate object, such as a piece of jewelry, clothing or even a motor vehicle. Alison does not need to touch as she bio-locates and works etherically, see healing. Going to the object or thru client to the object in their possession. No lost or found.

Physical Medium – Spirit Communication

This is a very rare speciality in the sphere of Mediumship. Works with her guide group the “Spirit Counsel” individually and singularly along with your Guides and Guardians. Maintaining strict control over her body and environment to ensure her well-being/life. Because she uses her own body for; transfigurations (yours and other side), materialization (mannerisms), emotions (yours and other side if made available), thoughts (yours and other side if made available) and direct voice (those on other side) she must always be in control. She partners with the universal energies, yours and the energy systems to anchor to this world. Moving her personal energy and history aside so that there is no transference, in essence, is the crystal clear pure vessel in which to place your cosmology and that of your loved ones for the reading. Medium reading

Pet Medium – Rainbow Bridge

For pets who have crossed to the other side or near death. Applying the same as she does for all sentient beings. Minimum 30 minutes required. Pet reading

Healer – Progressive Shamanism

Happens in the spiritual realms and affects your mind, body and soul, loved ones on the other side and pets. When you have ruled out regular causes for dis-ease this is when shamanic healing steps in. The cause of the dis-ease is searched for and addressed. Working with several tools to accomplish the healing. You may be offered mantras and rituals to follow after the healing is completed. If you’re in need for a brief healing may spontaneously present in a reading, and if you desire and time permits it will be provided. Healing package

Soul Mentor – Spiritual Educator

Grow your soul and find your inner knowing to live the best life now and future lives. 5 or 7 individual private mentoring package. Small Psychic Apprenticeship Courses and workshops. ask for details.

Deep Trance Medium – Oracle

Rarely done as it can be very dangerous to Alison and the environment must be held in a safe strictly controlled sanctuary only for global issues. Not a requested service.